Terms and Conditions

1. Title of Event
InterVAPE Expo 2018
02. – 04. November 2018

2. Place / Duration / Visiting time
Europaplatz 6-10
D – 44575 Castrop Rauxel

Visiting hours for dealers / manufacturers (B2B):
02. Nov. Friday 17:00 clock to 21:00 clock

Visitor time for end users:
04. Nov. Saturday 11:00 to 19:00
05. Nov. Sunday 11:00 to 18:00 clock
For the stand operators, the fair opens at 09.00 and closes at 20.00.

3. Construction
Thursday 01.11.2018 from 11:00 to 21:00.
Friday 02.11.2018 from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm
If longer setup times are needed, this is necessarily in time with the
Organizer to agree.

4. Removal
Sunday 04.11.2018 from 19:00 to 22:00
Monday, 05.11.2018 from 9:00 to 15:00

5. Registration
The order of the stand is made using the registration form. Applicants are bound to register until 8 days after the deadline for registration (18.10.2018) specified in the InterVAPE Expo Exhibition Conditions, unless approval has been granted in the meantime. Registrations received after the registration deadline, the applicant remains bound for 14 days.

6. Recognition
By registering, the exhibitor accepts the InterVAPE Expo exhibition conditions, the general terms and conditions and the house rules as binding for himself, for co-exhibitors and all employees employed by him at the exhibition. The legal, labor and trade regulations, especially for environmental protection, fire protection, accident prevention, company name and price labeling are to be installed.

7. Authorization
The organizer decides on the admission of the exhibitors and the individual exhibits. The organizer is entitled, for conceptual reasons, to limit the registered exhibits as well as to change the registered area. The organizer may, for justifiable reasons, in particular, if the available space is insufficient, exclude individual exhibitors and providers from participation. If required to achieve the purpose of the event, it may limit the event to specific exhibitor, supplier and visitor groups. Competitive exclusion may neither be demanded nor promised. Upon receipt of the confirmation of admission or the invoice from the exhibitor, the contract between the organizer and the exhibitor has been concluded. The granted approval can be revoked if the conditions for the grant are no longer or no longer fulfilled. The organizer is entitled to announce an immediate termination from the contract, if despite two reminder delay in payment exists. In this case, the fee of 25% of the stand rental fee will be payable to cover the costs already incurred. If legitimate complaints or complaints arise in relation to the goods or the method of operation offered by a participating company, the organizer is entitled and entitled in the general interest to take appropriate corrective measures immediately. In such a case, the organizer can cancel existing contracts for subsequent trade fairs, because the essential requirements underlying these contracts no longer exist. The issue of unreported, unauthorized or used goods is not permitted.

8. Stand rental for the entire event and costs
Stand 99,00 € / sqm excl. VAT The minimum order is 2,00m x 2,00m. The basis of the design and calculation is the right-angled outer surface of the stand. The allocation of floor space can only be done in full meter numbers (front width and depth). The costs for electricity, rear walls and other objects are also plus VAT.

9. Terms of payment
The total amount is due 14 days after billing / booking. Later invoices are due immediately. Default of payment will be charged default interest (3% above the discount rate set by the Deutsche Bundesbank).

10. Changes / Force Majeure
Unforeseen events that make it impossible to hold the fair as planned and are not the responsibility of the organizer entitle the organizer to do so

a) to cancel the fair before opening.
The cancellation must be more than 6 weeks, but no later than 3 months before the scheduled start
25% of the stand rental fee will be charged. If the cancellation is made in the last 6 weeks before the start, the fee increases to 50%. In addition, the costs already incurred at the instigation of the exhibitor must be paid. If the exhibition must be closed due to force majeure or by official order, the stand rental and all costs to be borne by the exhibitor are to be paid in full.

b) to relocate the fair.
Exhibitors proving that this creates an appointment overlap with a
Other, from them already firmly occupied fair results, can dismissal from the contract

c) to move the fair spatially (maximum 20km away).
The exhibitors can not demand a release from the contract. A discount of
Stand rental does not occur.

d) to shorten the fair.
The exhibitors can not demand a release from the contract. A discount of
Stand rental does not occur.

11. Resignation
If a cancellation is granted by the organizer exceptionally after a binding registration or after the admission, then 3 months before the start of the event 50%, 2 months before the start of the event 75% and 1 month before the start of the event 100% of the rent as compensation and the costs already incurred at the exhibitor’s request from already placed orders. In the specific case, the exhibitor is expressly granted the right to prove that the organizer has suffered no or less damage. The application for withdrawal can only be made in writing. It is only legally valid if the organizer agrees in writing. The organizer may make the dismissal dependent on the rental of the rented stand being otherwise possible. Re-letting corresponds to a dismissal from the contract, however, may have the first-time exhibitor to bear the difference between the actual and the rent obtained. If the stand can not be rented otherwise, the organizer is entitled, in the interests of the overall picture, to relocate another exhibitor to the non-occupied stand or to fill the stand in another way. In this case, the renter is not entitled to a reduction in the stand rental. The costs incurred for the decoration or completion of the stand not purchased shall be borne by the renter.

12. Stand design and equipment
All materials used must be flame retardant (see also AGBs). Other conditions regarding the stand design are reserved. The name or the complete and correct company name and the address or the seat of the exhibitor must be made clearly visible by a stand lettering.

13. Stand division
The stand division is carried out by the organizer. The stand division will be communicated in writing. The exhibitor must reckon with the fact that, for technical reasons, a slight restriction of the assigned stand is required. This may not exceed 10 cm in width and depth and does not entitle to reduce the stand rental. This does not apply to stands explicitly declared as finished or system stand. A relocation of the stand may only be made for compelling reasons. The organizer has to give the exhibitor concerned a stand as equal as possible.

14. Community stands, subleasing, transfer to third parties, sale to third parties
The exhibitor is not entitled, without the permission of the organizer, to re-let the stand assigned to him in whole or in part, or otherwise to change it. In the case of an unauthorized sublease or transfer of the stand, the exhibitor is required to pay an additional 75% of the stand rental fee, unless the organizer requests eviction of the space occupied by the subtenant. In order to receive orders, the order books, if not their own ones, must show the exact address of the exhibitor, in addition to the address of the supplier. It must be clear from the order form at which exhibitor and for which company the sales contract was concluded.

15. Liability
1) The exhibitor is liable without limitation for intent and gross negligence.
2) The exhibitor is liable for indirect and unforeseeable damages, loss of production and use, lost profits, lost savings and pecuniary losses due to claims of third parties.
3) Any further liability than in this contract is – without regard to the legal nature of the asserted claim – not excluded.
4) The exhibitor is also liable for the personal liability of his employees, employees, representatives, organs and vicarious agents. If several exhibitors rent a stand together, each of them is jointly and severally liable. You must appoint a joint representative in the application. Only with this the organizer has to negotiate. Notices to the representatives named in the notification shall be deemed to be communications to, or, in the case of joint stands, to the issuer.

16. Special rules
The exhibitors themselves are responsible for compliance with the fire police, police and industrial police regulations. Smoking is prohibited inside the showrooms. The use of gas cylinders within the halls and tent buildings is prohibited. The use of gas-filled balloons requires the prior approval of the organizer. Double storey stands require the prior written approval of the competent authorities. According to special building regulation / NRW.

17. Operation of the stand
The exhibitor is obliged to show the stand during the entire duration of the trade fair (Sat & Sun 11.00 am – 7.00 pm) with the registered goods / services and, if the stand is not expressly rented as a representation stand

18. Insurance
The organizer is not liable for damage to exhibits, stand, equipment, property and
Personal injury; unless its legal representative or vicarious agent can be proven intent or gross negligence. The burden of proof lies with the exhibitor.
For losses and damage caused by theft, vandalism, fire, weather, earthquakes, terrorism and other causes of force majeure, the organizer also assumes no liability.
The conclusion of an exhibition insurance, including the arrival and removal of the exhibits can be included, and a liability insurance for personal injury and property damage is strongly recommended by the organizer.

19. Official list of exhibitors (including website)
The basic entry is included in the stand booking. It includes on the website: company name + link to the company homepage (address, telephone, fax, mobile phone, email, website, logo (4-color) may be added by the organizer)

20. Advertising
Advertising and promotional activities may only be assigned to them in the sense of the named event and should not diminish the success of the event.
Advertising, in particular the distribution of advertising printed matter and the addresses of visitors, are only permitted within the stand.
The operation of loudspeaker systems, music / photo presentations, AV media and acoustic emissions of any kind – including for advertising purposes – by the exhibitor requires the express permission of the organizer and must be notified in good time.
The demonstration of machines, acoustic equipment, of photographic equipment and fashions, too
Advertising purposes may be limited or revoked in the interest of maintaining an orderly exhibition operation, even after approval has already been given. If the organizer operates a public address system, he reserves the right to make announcements.

21. Access authorizations (accreditation) and set-up or dismantling passes
Each exhibitor receives accreditations without calculation as follows:

up to 6qm floor space – 2 accreditations
from 6 sqm floor space – 3 accreditations
from 10 sqm floor space – 4 accreditations

for each additional full 10sqm one more accreditation.

The accreditations will only be handed out at previously fully paid stand rental. Further required access rights can be purchased for a purchase price of 15 € / piece. The persons designated by the exhibitor must be listed on the page “exhibitor-employee list” with first and last name. Each exhibitor commits himself and his stand to carry the exhibitor passes in a clearly visible place. The exhibitor passes may not be passed on to third parties. In the case of infringement, the InterVAPE Expo will charge a contractual penalty of EUR 250.00. The exhibitor reserves the right to prove that the contractual penalty demanded by him is too high. For the construction and dismantling no separate work passes are needed.
Accreditations will be issued on the day of construction and the fair at the staff entrance upon presentation of the identity card. The delivery will only be made to listed persons and will be given to them only in person.

22. Watch
The guarding and supervision of the stand during the daily opening hours of the event is the sole responsibility of the participant, also during the setup and dismantling times. The organizer will only provide a general supervision of the halls and the exhibition center outside the opening hours of the event. Services for the care, custody or other exercise of interests of the participant is not provided by the organizer. At night, valuable, easy-to-remove items must be locked up by the participant.

23. Direct and cash sale
Direct and cash sales are permitted with the organizer’s permission. For this purpose, the sales objects are to be marked with clearly legible price tags and in compliance with the provisions of the Pricing Regulation.

24. Hand sales / delivery of food or drinks
Sale or delivery of food or drinks (including samples) of any kind against
Fee requires a special permit from the organizer. The same applies to the – even gratuitous – delivery of food or drinks (including samples), if they are supplied to the exhibitor by professional caterers. The serving of alcoholic beverages is prohibited, even if it is free. The delivery of goods of all kinds, including food and drinks, is to be stopped outside the restaurants at 19.00. Above all, the delivery of fair topic subject electrical appliances and liquids for the operation of an e-cigarette, steam cigarette or any kind, is prohibited to visitors under 18 years.

25. Technical documents
All important information will be sent to the InterVAPE Expo in good time before the event starts, but no later than 20.10.2018.

26. House Rules / Special Building Regulations
The house rules of the Europahalle Castrop Rauxel apply (attached). The organizer reserves the right to issue house rules with further instructions, appointments and forms and to hand them over at the latest with stand assignment.

27. Effect clause
Claims of the exhibitor against the organizer, not at the latest 2 weeks and with
written confirmation of receipt, after the end of the fair be asserted in writing, are

28. Changes
Agreements deviating from the InterVAPE Expo Exhibition Conditions must be in writing in order to be legally valid.

29. Place of Performance and Jurisdiction
Place of fulfillment and jurisdiction is the seat of the organizer, even if claims in the
judicial order for payment.

30. Severability clause
If agreement contents are ineffective or impracticable, then the agreement remains as
such exist. To the economic and promotional efficacy of this agreement
ensure that a provision is made which constitutes the ineffective or unenforceable
Regulation replaced.

31. Implementation and Legal Entity (Organizer)

Mohamed Ali Ayad
Market square 4
45699 Herten
Tel .: +49 2366/4926012
Mobile: +49 17634979994
Email: support@inter-vape-expo.de